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Same Day Dentistry

Same-Day Dentistry & Treatments in Ocala, FL

Similar to medical emergencies, individuals come across dental emergencies. Whether it is excruciating pain from a cavity or the immediate need for an extraction, our team at Azalea Dental has you covered. We offer a range of same-day dental treatments that can help alleviate oral pain and solve your dental problem.

Our same-day treatments also ensure that our patients can lead their busy lives. There is no need for them to move their schedule around to fit multiple clinic visits. With our same-day service, we make sure to thoroughly complete the treatment required, so you can continue with your daily lives.
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Our Same Day and Emergency Treatments

Our clinic is here to serve all our patients. If an emergency arises at any point, you can call in and book an appointment immediately.
Our staff will work with you to get an appointment urgently; the same day you call. Our emergency treatments include:

– Broken tooth
– Tooth loss
– Toothache
– Abscess
– Broken dental appliance
Numerous reasons can lead to such an emergency. Our dentists will tend to you as soon as you come in for an appointment. They will look to rectify any issues that have lead to a toothache or a broken dental appliance. For issues such as tooth loss or broken tooth, they will make sure that you get the solutions you need to limit the impact of the problem.

Other than emergency treatments, we offer a wide range of same-day dentistry in Ocala. Including cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and periodontal treatments.

Why Azalea Dental for Your Same-Day Dental Needs?

You need to go to dentistry that you can trust for same-day dental services. Our team consists of highly-trained professionals with years of experience in dentistry. We care about your oral health as much as you do.
We understand that anxiety is common when visiting the dentist. Which is why we make sure you are comfortable before the treatment. Because at Azalea Dental we treat you and your family like our own..

Same Day Treament Services


A way to treat chipped or discolored teeth. During the process, we apply white filling on the teeth to make discoloration go away. The filling used bonds to your tooth or teeth and comes in various colors to match the appearance of your other teeth.


Dental bridges are used as a replacement for missing teeth. It ensures that while your teeth may be missing a replacement is in place so there is no hindrance in your smile. You can get bridges put in within a few hours.


Crowns are used to help give teeth their proper shape. These are used when a tooth is broken or out of shape for any reason.


Dentures are growing to be the best tooth-replacement option. These look as natural as your original teeth and function just as well. While it may take a couple of visits to prepare you for the dentures, fitting them in your mouth will only take one appointment.


Teeth cleaning is a nice way to ensure good oral health and a healthy smile. From normal to deep cleaning, we can provide you with immediate services.

Regular exams

Teeth and gum inspection are important to ensure there are no creeping oral problems. From analyzing your teeth for cavities to ensuring there is no plaque buildup in the gum which can result in gingivitis or the severe periodontal diseases.


Fluoride is important for healthy teeth. It helps prevent cavities and ensures that the teeth don’t decay with ease. We can apply fluoride directly to your teeth in a 30-minute treatment to ensure they stay healthy.
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