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General Dentistry

Specialists in Affordable General Dentistry Treatments in Ocala, FL

General dentistry is designed to provide a wide array of services vital to well maintained dental health. There is a variety of general dentistry procedures that we cover.
When it comes to affordable general dentistry, our clinic in the 34481 area can provide the perfect preventive services for you. Finding a dentist (particularly a knowledgeable one who understands your needs) can be a challenge. That is why we’ve made effective general dentistry in Ocala, FL easily available.
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What General Dentists Do?

You may have heard of general dentistry and not known exactly what it is they do. The majority of dentists in the US fit this type and they provide a wide range of services which include: preventive services such as exams, x-rays and gum care treatment. Cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, bonding and veneers. Also, health concerns and restorative procedures.
The state of your smile and teeth play a major part in your physical appearance, which is often one of the first things you notice when meeting new people. Therefore, to make an amazing first impression, you should focus on your smile. Luckily, our highly-skilled general dentists can fullfil all your dental needs and provide the right treatment quickly and easily in times of need.

General Dentistry Services

Cleanings and Oral Exams

Our dentists conduct regular checks for issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer. Our general dentists take digital x rays and provide recommended treatments.


Our dentists do a general clean of the affected/decayed area and use a form of filling to seal the tooth.

Dentures and partials

Our dentists provide dentures/partials to patients that are designed to replace natural teeth. These are authentic and designed to model your teeth.


Patients that find it difficult to wear removable dentures may benefit from an implant procedure from our clinic here in Ocala. The general dentist will place the implant in the jaw where it sits for three to six months whilst the healing takes place. After the healing process, the final crown, bridge or denture is attached.

Inlays and Onlays

These are stronger, more durable alternatives to traditional fillings which our general dentists in Ocala can fit. These can be custom made from a tooth color matching porcelain or gold depending on personal preference.

Crowns and bridges

These are designed to cover a damaged tooth (or teeth) to protect it. Our dentists reshape the damaged tooth and commence the procedure of covering it with either an all-metal crown or tooth colored crown.


These cover the front side of your teeth to improve the shape and color of your smile.

Teeth whitening

Our dentists can brighten your smile through teeth whitening.

Occlusal/Sports guards

These guards protect your teeth from grinding. Our dentists craft a model based on your teeth to fit securely and comfortably.


Made from a thin, plastic material designed to protect your teeth from decay- causing bacteria.
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