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49$ Full Exam
X-Ray & Cleaning
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(D0150, D0210, D1110 or D4355)
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Limited Exam and One X-ray
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General Dentistry

View Services General dentistry aims at providing a wide range of services designed to help patients maintain good oral health.
Make an Appointment Oral Examination
by Doctor
ADA: D0150
Make an Appointment Cleaning
by Hygienist
ADA: D1110
Make an Appointment Complete
Set of X-Rays
ADA: D0210
Make an Appointment Prophylaxis ADA: D1110
Make an Appointment Bitewings ADA: D0274

Periodontal Dentistry

View Services Periodontal services focus on treating the areas around the tooth including the gum and bone.
Make an Appointment Comprehensive
Periodontal Evaluation
ADA: D0274
Make an Appointment Periodontal Cleanings ADA: D4910

Same day treatment services

View Services Same-day dentistry is a service we are proud to provide at Azalea Dental in Ocala.
Make an Appointment Dental Hygiene Services ADA: D1110
Make an Appointment Complimentary Consultations ADA: D1110
Make an Appointment Restorative Dental
ADA: D1110
Make an Appointment Urgent Dental Care ADA: D1110

Cosmetic Dentistry

View Services Our cosmetic dental specialists assist patients in improving their smile and thus increasing their confidence through teeth whitening.
Make an Appointment Veneers Porcelain on non-precious metal: D2751
Make an Appointment Cosmetic Bonding ADA: D4910
Make an Appointment Cosmetic Dentures ADA: D4910
Make an Appointment Crowns Porcelain on non-precious metal: D2751

Root Canal Treatment

View Services A root canal is a procedure designed to remove bacteria that has infected the root pulp in a tooth.
Make an Appointment Root Canal Treatment

Tooth Extractions

View Services Sometimes tooth extraction is needed to remove a tooth that’s badly damaged to avoid further decay or infection.
Make an Appointment Tooth Extractions

Dental Crowns

View Services Dental crowns are caps made of porcelain that cover teeth and are ideal for fixing cracked, broken or misshaped teeth.
Make an Appointment Dental Crowns

Emergency Dentistry

View Services Emergency dentistry has to be dealt with fast and effectively which is why our emergency dental specialists in Ocala are here to help.
Make an Appointment Extractions and root
canals and crowns
Make an Appointment Crowns We are fixing crowns fast in emergency cases

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